Friday, November 18, 2011

DVD Release

So here we go. After four long years of working and waiting and reworking and waiting even more, it is here. The Photon Effect is on DVD and ready to share with the world and no one has been waiting for this day longer than I have.

It would be mildly entertaining for some and excruciating for me to recount all the ways in which this movie has been held up, so let's just leave it at this: It was a lot of work with very little to work with and every single person that helped out in big ways and small made it what it is. As these blogs continue I may highlight certain areas and contributions with gratitude, but today I will just send out a Photon-familywide, "THANK YOU!!!" to everyone involved in the process.

It's obvious that getting anything done is about having the appropriate resources and most resources are acquired using the almighty dollar bill. Making an independent film sometimes makes me feel like I'm at an intersection with a cardboard sign that reads, "Please help. Trying to follow my dreams". Thankfully there have been several people that have rolled their windows down at the red lights with the means to keep it (and me) going.

Well, I'm still at an intersection only now my sign reads, "Have you seen this movie?"

Some filmmakers get their projects completed and let them live a life of their own. Not me. I'm going to smother this baby with attention and shout from the building tops (and you know I'll climb 'em) until everyone has heard about it. I made this movie because I want everyone to watch it! Of course not everyone will, but to those that have an interest, I am confident that you will not regret giving 93 minutes and $14.99 to the experience.

I remain immensely proud of the script and during production I was convinced I had left most of it on the page. As post production continued, however, I found that there was a lot more than what I thought we'd lost. I am now immensely proud of this film. This movie holds up because of the core drama that drives the characters and the solid visual effects that drive the story.

But don't take my word for it. Get a copy and decide for yourself!


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