Monday, August 25, 2014

Back To School!

I hated school growing up.  

I hated getting up early.

I hated walking to school.

I hated writing the term papers.  

And once I was done, I was convinced I'd never go back.  I thought I learned all I could from school, and didn't need any more to succeed in life.   I couldn't have been more wrong.

So after 15 years, the party's over.  I'm going "back to school" starting this week, with an online class from Distilled U .  This is to learn more about marketing via the internet.  I wanted to take this class for the very selfish reason of getting more eyeballs on The Photon Effect webpage, and have those eyeballs convince their owners to buy the movie. 

And as a benefit to current and prospective filmmakers, I'll give reviews of the class to see how relevant it may be to film marketing.

Baltimore Comic Con 2014

I will still be taking a break to attend the Baltimore Comic Con on Friday, September 5th.  Remember, your money is no good to us there.  If you find me or Dan The Man in the flesh at the Con, you're getting a free The Photon Effect DVD.  All we'll ask is if you choose to join our mailing list with your email address. 

Ok enough slacking off, time to study!

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