Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Real Superheroes Are Everywhere. (More Behind the Scenes)

Since our post from yesterday is becoming popular, here's another behind the scenes story.  This one is from the last day of principal photography in May 2007, and the moral of the story is that there really are people in this world with the superhero mentality.

We were shooting the first chase scene of The Photon Effect where our main characters begin to butt heads, but that gets put on hold so they can save the day.  

They chase a motorcycle riding criminal who steals from another principal character we get to know better later on. It was shot in downtown Baltimore, on a Friday, during the day.  Not exactly a secluded setting.  

The cops never tried stopping us, but I guess they thought we were part of the crew shooting the tv show The Wire a few blocks away.  Thanks big time production!  This was not the only time people from that show helped us out.  More on that in future blogs.

While the cops gave us no trouble, a regular citizen made one take very interesting.

During this shot, the motorcyclist  would steal the woman’s purse, turn the corner, go up an alley, then turn around to reset.  The guy in the car must not have seen what we were up to because when he saw the purse “stolen”, he took off after the bike!  When our rider tried to turn around, the guy blocked him in with his car and yelled “HAND OVER THE PURSE!”  

While our would-be thief was taken aback, our AD Matt Holder was sprinting up the alley frantically screaming “IT’S A MOVIE! IT’S!… A!….MOVIE!!!”  The hero was unconvinced and we had to show him the camera and production truck before he finally stood down!  If we had the time we should’ve interviewed him.  

If you want to hear more stories like this, come hear them in person next week at Baltimore Comic Con 2014  where we'll be roaming the aisles with free DVDs of The Photon Effect!

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