Sunday, August 24, 2014

Random Movie Thoughts

Here's a list of random movie, superhero, and filmmaking things I've been thinking about lately.  I might write full blogs on these in the future, and maybe not.

Indie filmmaking is becoming more and more like a regular business.  This is actually a good thing.  

I have no desire whatsoever to watch "Boyhood".  If I want to see child, pre adolescent, and teenage angst, I'll visit my cousins, nieces, and nephews.

DC should make the next Green Lantern movie with John Stewart, not Hal Jordan (and definitely not Ryan Reynolds again).

Don't post your indiegogo/kickstarter campaigns in your local filmmaking Facebook page.  Everybody else there is trying to get their own project off the ground. Figure out who your audience is and get them to donate. 

After a second viewing, I still think Guardians of the Galaxy is the best Marvel movie yet.

What crazy stunt is Tom Cruise going to pull off in Mission Impossible 5?  My money's on parachuting out of a space shuttle.

Overheard shots of someone screaming has become unintentionally funny to me (see X-Men Origins:  Wolverine).

A good movie with no marketing will never be as successful as a bad movie with lots of marketing.

Due to Robin Williams' passing, "Hook" will be included in my personal 25 days of Christmas movie rotation.

I watched Watchmen again last week.  Making Dr. Manhattan the "enemy" is 10x better than the monster in the book.  

I'm really looking forward to Dead Snow 2

As Above, So Below?  Not so much.   Found footage movies need to die a quick, but painful death.

If you have to "settle" for a location that wasn't part of your vision, don't sweat it.  Do a rewrite that makes the story sync with the new setting.

The Expendables 3 really shot itself in the foot by being PG-13.  It's the biggest reason I haven't watched it yet.

When is Neill Blomkamp going to make District 10?

I'm still nervous about Age of Ultron.  

I see more actors in commercials than ever before.  The reason?  In my opinion, youtube. Back in the 80's, actors would get millions acting in stupid commercials in Asia.  It wouldn't hurt their image here since no one could see them.  Not anymore.  Might as well avoid the long plane ride and get the easy check here in the states.

Don't pitch your courtroom drama to a small time production company that makes action and sci fi movies.  We have different audiences.

Do offer to help other filmmakers with their projects, no matter the genre.  The good ones return the favor.

I wonder what details Agents of Shield will "borrow" from The Photon Effect this season?  

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