Sunday, August 10, 2014

Filmmaking Tip- Budget Your Time

Thanks again for checking out the blog!  

To help out the prospective filmmakers out there,
I'm going to share some tips and tricks I've discovered
while promoting The Photon Effect and developing
our upcoming webisodes. If you have any questions about 
marketing your project, let me know in the comments.  

When inspiration strikes, it's always easy to spend time
creating content or interacting with fans.  One problem
I've found is, how much time should I spend coming 
up with new webisode ideas?  How much time should
I spend writing webisodes?  How much time should I spend 
talking to you about the upcoming webisodes?

Fortunately I just read an article on LinkedIn that's
a big help.

The 60:30:10 Rule

Author Jeremy Waite explains the principles behind
the rule and how different businesses and people
have successfully used it.   Two of the best examples
are Steve Jobs' announcement for the iPhone and Rovio
releasing that somewhat successful Angry Birds franchise.
Give that a read in a new browser window and come on back.
I'll wait.

*Playing Angry Birds on my iPhone.  This leaning tower of Pisa level is too easy.*

Welcome back!

So, how can we apply this to our filmmaking project?  

Like this:

Spend 10% of our time thinking up with 
new film/tv show/webisode content

Spend 30% of our time creating that content, 
be it writing, shooting, and/or editing

Spend 60% of our time talking to you guys about
the content, seeing how much you liked it or 
what you want us to make next.

This can also apply to money.  Over half your budget seems
like a lot for getting the word out about your movie.  But hey,
it doesn't matter how awesome it is. If no one knows about it,
they're not going to watch.

Written by Douglas S. Adams, producer of The Photon Effect


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