Sunday, August 17, 2014

If A Movie Is Made And No One Knows About It, Is It Any Good?

One of my old hobbies was to browse the selection at the local video store.  Most of the time I'd run to the back and see if at least one copy of the new release I wanted was out.  When none were available, which happened a lot, it was the perfect time to look around for something a little different.  

It was during these times that I found new personal favorites such as My Name Is Bruce and Green Street Hooligans .   Sure I found a lemon or two (ok maybe more than that), but that risk was part of the fun. 

Nowadays, we really don't have that experience anymore. Physically touching the art and reading the paper cover of that unknown movie is gone.  Walmart usually just has the big hit movies, so there's no new discovery there.  You can still do it at genre conventions, but those are at best few and far between. At worst, there aren't any near where you live.

That leaves us with the internet, where that tactile connection is long gone.  With the loss of touch, I've lost that sense of adventure.  I'm much less inclined to take a gamble on a movie I haven't heard of, and will only do so if it's gotten more peer reviews than a heart disease study endorsed by the American Medical Association. 

What doesn't help is the amount of content out there.  It's ridiculous!  It's virtually walking into a video store the size of an entire city.  I always have that feeling where if I pick a movie with no reviews and that no one talks about, I might miss out on one that's better.

So what must they do…what must we promoting Photon do…to get people to take a chance on our movie?  From what I've been reading, the consensus is to just be available online.  Pump out social media content like crazy and always let fans know what you're up to. 

We haven't been great at this in the past, but we changing our tune.  And frankly, we're seeing too many movies that outright suck get more attention.  So we have to do it. 

Oh, and for those that want that experience of reading the cover of  The Photon Effect in person, I'll be at the Baltimore Comic Con on Friday Sept 5th with copies to give away!  To get a free copy though, you're going to need 2 things.  Your email address so we can keep you up to date on our webisodes.  Don't worry, we won't flood your inbox or sell your address. You'll also need the code word.  Keep tuning in to our Facebook page and twitter handle @thephotoneffect to get the code word!

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