Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Photon Effect Webisodes: Meeting Minutes Debrief #1

It's tough for DP and I to get together and have face to face meetings.  Between day jobs and family obligations, we both just run out of time most days.  BUT, when we do have face time, you're getting an inside scoop on what we talk about.

The Story

First, there's going to be a slight tweaking of our storyline.  The ideas we came up with for episodes are great and we're going to use them, but the timeline will be backed up a tad.  

Instead of Photon being on top of the world with everyone loving him, we're starting in a time where he's not doing so hot.  To get his mojo back, he needs to rebuild his business and relationships with his friends.  And stopping a criminal or two won't hurt either.  

The Props

We're in contact with a couple very talented artists to help us out with the construction of Photon's helmet and gloves.  They might not be ready for the first webisode, but Photon will finally be fully geared up, fulfilling Dan's vision of the character.

The Website

Our website is getting migrated from html to Word Press.  This will make it easier for us to update it with, you know, promotions for free stuff!  If you have any ideas for other stuff we should have on the site, now's the perfect time to let us know!

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